Late Miscarriages 

Late Miscarriages 

It is called abortion that covers 14-22 weeks. Severe developmental defects and anomalies, some infections, uterine shape anomalies, cervical insufficiency are among the causes of miscarriage in this period. In this period, the incidence of chromosomal anomalies is around 1%. Therefore, the most appropriate and ideal time for risk determination and screening tests for chromosomal anomalies (such as Down Syndrome) is 12th-13th. are weeks of pregnancy. 

 During the examination performed at the 12th week of pregnancy, the possibility of miscarriage in all pregnant women can be determined by the special examination performed in this week. For this reason, the examination in the 12th-13th week should be done not only for this reason but also for other reasons and should not be missed. Now, the 12th week examination constitutes the main framework of pregnancy care and examination, and all risk situations of pregnancy can be determined almost in this week. 

 According to the examination data in this period, the probability of detecting findings related to late abortion causes will be higher in pregnancies followed. Cervical length control, uterine shape and development control and elimination of the causes revealed by other examinations are important for abortions in this period. 

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