Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy with Medication (Medical Treatment)

Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy with Medication (Medical Treatment) 

If an ectopic pregnancy can be caught without complications in the early period, drug therapy may be preferred instead of surgical treatment. Methotrexate (MTX) is one of the drugs used for this purpose. This drug is a folic acid antagonist. 

 In the local MTX injection treatment method; The ectopic gestational sac is reached by passing through the abdominal wall with a thin needle and injected into the sac and chorion tissue. Thus, the continuation of pregnancy is prevented and this small pregnancy material that ends gradually shrinks in the area where it is located and is cleared by the body over time. This is followed by serial-sequential beta-hCG measurements. However, the development of intra-abdominal bleeding should be monitored, and if it develops, it may be necessary to switch to the surgical method urgently. 

 In cases where local medical treatment is not technically possible, intramuscular high-dose MTX treatment, which is another drug treatment option, is another treatment option. The situation should be kept under control under close monitoring. In the event that it does not regress or internal bleeding develops, it will be necessary to urgently undergo surgical treatment. 

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