Fetal Brain 20-21 June 2020
Perinatal Medicine
This postgraduate course was planned as onsite course well before but could not be possible due to Covid-19 pandemy and postponed to June 20-21, 2002. The picture is getting better but slowly at the moment and decided to make it as online course with the help of new technological improvements. I hope you will enjoy it.

Scientific Program

20 June 2020

Istanbul Timezone20 Jun 2020 – Saturday 
10.30IntroductionCihat Sen
10.45Systematic evaluation of brainPanos Antsaklis
11.00Can we identify changes related to cerebral palsy?Asım Kurjak
11.15Increased NT and brain lesionsYaron Zalel
11.30Coffee and discussion 
12:00HoloprosencephalyPetya Chaveeva
12:15Myelomeningocele? Closed spine bifida?Cihat Sen
12.30Perinatal brain imaging: Ultrasound and/or MRICecilia Villalain
12:45Spina bifida: Anatomical and functional level: EvaluationCihat Sen
13.00Coffee and discussion 
13.30Diagnosis of spina bifida at 12 and 22 weeks of pregnancyDenise Lapa
13.45Neurogenic bladder: conservative/ interventional approachesSelçuk Sılay
14.00Current status of fetal spine surgeryDenise Lapa
14.15Coffee and discussion 

21 June 2020

Istanbul Timezone21 Jun 2020 – Sunday 
10.30Corpus Callosum: How easy diagnosis?Francesco D’Antonio
10.45Cerebellar vermis & cisterna magnaNicola Volpe
11.00What is wrong with Cavum Septi Pellucidi?Valentina De Robertis
11.15Coffee and discussion 
11.30Perinatal infections and fetal brainFrancesco D’Antonio
11:45Mild ventriculomegaly: A big problem?Vedran Stefanovic
12:00Cortical malformationsOluş Api
12.15Coffee and discussion 
12.30Difficult diagnosis: fetal micro & macrocephaly?Sertaç Esin
12:45Galen vein, stroke, haemorrhage, cysts and tumours, hypoxiaOluş Api
13.00Coffee and discussion

Start Date

June 20, 2020

End Date

June 21, 2020


Cihat Sen



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