World Congress of Perinatal Medicine-24–26-June-2021
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24 June 2021 Thursday




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Prof. Cihat Sen

President, WAPM


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Amazing power of fetal brain Asım Kurjak Prenatal Exome sequencing and congenital malformations Mark Kilby    





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Management of FGR: what is important? Kypros Nicolaides      
14-17 Weeks Neurosonography. The Optimal Time to Diagnose CNS Anomalies Diagnosis of fetal anomalies Federation of Asia-Oceania Perinatal Societies – FAOPS SHORT PRESENTATIONS Discussant: Oluş Api
Cerebral midline findings at 14-17 weeks Roee Birnbaum Brain Anomalies: What should be considered? Karim Kalache Perinatal system regionalization Tsuyomu Ikenoue – High dose Omega-3 exposure during pregnancy causes Autism in male newborn offspring   Halil Gürsoy Pala – Liver disease during pregnancy, prediction and treatment Ana Daneva Markova – Comparison of late postpartum depression prevalance of women with Covid-19 in pregnancy  Busra Tsakir – The relationship of hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia with adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes among Asian Indians  Dalia Rafat – Appropriate delivery method for cardiac disease pregnancy based on noninvasive cardiac monitoring  Masami Sawada – Automatic detection of fetal hypoxia using FIGO rules  Inmaculada Mej’a Jiménez – Association of Maternal Serum Ischemia Modified Albumin (IMA) with placental histopathological changes and fetomaternal outcome   Monica Agrawal – Adolescence does not worsen Covid-19 infection in pregnant women   Sule Goncu Ayhan
Infratentorial findings at 14-17 weeks Karina Krajden-Haratz Cardiac Anomalies: How easy for Obstetrician? Ingo Gottschalk Reducing late gestation stillbirth in Australia: implementing the ‘Safer Baby Bundle   David Ellwood
Malformations of cortical development at 14-17 weeks Gustavo Malinger Genetic Scan: Still fashionable? Oliver Kagan Prevention of maternal death Milind Shah
CNS anomalies diagnosed late in pregnancy? Michael Brusilov Contemporary diagnosis of fetal syndromes Christoph Berg Impact of pulmonary hypertension among preterm infants Han-Suk Kim
Discussant: Gustavo Malinger Discussant: Christoph Berg Discussants: Satoshi Kusuda, Han-Suk Kim
Prediction and prevention of pre-eclampsia Fetal interventions Care of diabetic mothers and their offsprings in Asian countries – FAOPS SHORT PRESENTATIONS Discussant: Oluş Api
First trimester prediction of PE Liona Poon Spina bifida Ahmet Baschat Management for hyperglycemic disorders in pregnancy Takashi Sugiyama – Evaluation of exclusive breastfeeding within the first six months in infants of mothers infected with Novel Coronavirus: 1-year experience of a single center  Seda Yilmaz Semerci – Microbiome of endometrium in multiple failures of IVF and in healthy fertile women   Victoria Barinova – Bernard-Soulier Syndrome in Pregnancy Hicran Acar Şirinoğlu – Relation between Aspartate Aminotransferase/Platelet ratio index (APRI) and severity of Covid-19 infection in pregnant women   Sule Goncu Ayhan – Two years results of multiple pregnancies delivered in our clinic   Esra Can – Retrospective evaluation of the pregnancies with thick meconium stained amniotic fluid beyond 34 weeks of gestation   Semra Yüksel – Prenatal diagnosis of agnathia-otocephaly complex with microphthalmia : A Rare Congenital Anomaly   Sema Süzen Çaypınar
Prevention of PE with Aspirin Daniel Rolnik Thoracal anomalies Christoph Berg Pathophysiology of infants born to diabetic mothers Victor Sam Rajadurai
Technical aspects of screening and quality assurance Fabricio Costa Monochorionic twins Brigitte Strizek Short term outcome of IDM Setyadewi Lusyati
Clinical Implementation and cost-effectiveness Jon Hyett Percutaneous Fetal Sclerotherapy for CPAM: a novel therapeutic option    Erasmo Huertas Long term outcomes of IDM Azana Ahmad Kamar
Prediction in the second and third trimester – the sFLT-1/PLGF ratio Ignacio Herraiz Discussants: Christoph Berg Discussants: Satoshi Kusuda, Azana Ahmad Kamar  
Discussants: Fabricio Costa    
RECENT ADVANCES  IN PERINATAL MEDICINE (IAPM SESSION) Ultrasound in labor room-1 NIPT together with the expanded first trimester Monochorionic twin pregnancies: monitoring and management
Fetal brain structural development Ritsuko Pooh Ultrasound as a tool for objectively monitoring labor evolution Torbjørn Moe Eggebø Pre-NIPT scan Daniel Rolnik Discordant anomalies in twins Liesbeth Lewi
Clinical results on international program on KANET investigation Panos Antsaklis The role of ultrasound in predicting of imminent delivery Ilenia Mappa The importance of fetal fraction Andrew McLennan Fetal growth restriction in twins Asma Khalil
How to proceede with the limits of viability: are we on the right track?     Milan Stanojević Maternal pelvis assessment by ultrasound Reuven Achiron Whole genome NIPT – advantages and pitfalls Lisa Hui Twin anaemia polycythaemia sequence Femke Slaghekke
Perinatal health in CORONA-19 pandemic – neonatal aspect Ola Saugstad The role of ultrasound before operative vaginal delivery Tullio Ghi Don’t forget NT and 1st trimester morphology! Jon Hyett  First trimester ultrasound in twins Asma Khalil
Leaders in science – what is the role of IAPM Asım Kurjak Utrasound in management of post-partum hemorrhage  Wolfgang Henrich How to add NIPT to the first trimester US and pre-eclampsia screening    Fabricio Costa Neonatal management Enrico Lopriore
Discussants: Asım Kurjak – Frank Chervenak Discussants: Giuseppe Rizzo Discussants: Fabricio Costa Discussants: Asma Khalil
Fetal interventions (surgery): evidence and practical tips Ultrasound in labor room-2 Perinatal Care-1 Recent advances in Fetal Surgery, part I
Intrauterine fetal blood transfusion Greg Ryan Fetal descent Torbjørn Moe Eggebø Combining modalities for comprehensive fetal heart evaluation  Simcha Yagel Novel Scoring System for Determining Candidacy for Prenatal Intervention for Severe Congenital LUTO     Ahmed Nassr
Fetal intervention in twin pregnancies Asma Khalil Fetal rotation Hulda Hjartardottir Umbilical cord abnormalities: what we need to know for?   Radu Vladareanu How to manage uncomplicated monochorionic pregnancies and complicated pregnancies after laser     Magda Sanz Cortes
Fetal surgery for spina bifida Denise Lapa Fetal attitude Tullio Ghi 30 years experience with intraumbilical transfusions Pavel Calda Fetoscopic meningomyelocele closure neonatal outcomes Jimmy Espinoza
Post operative maternal and fetal complications after fetal surgery  Monique Haak Prediction of  vaginal delivery Christoph Lees Medical management for severe early-onset Rhesus disease  Mark Kilby Treatment of huge placental chorioangioma Alireza A Shamshirsaz
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia Rogelio Cruz Ultrasound in the third stage Wolfgang Henrich Fetal Therapy for Lysosomal Storage Disorders: A New Clinical Trial Tippi MacKenzie Fetoscopic Laser Ablation Therapy for Type II Vasa Previa Ramen Chmait
Discussants: Asma Khalil     Discussants: Tullio Ghi Discussants: Mark Kilby, Cihat Sen Discussants: Ramen Chmait
Doppler and biophysical assessment in late FGR management Induction of labor FETUS AS AS PATIENT-1 Recent advances in Fetal Surgery, part 2
Pathophysiology of late FGR Giuseppe Rizzo Evidence based indications to labour induction Vincenzo Berghella Reducing Preterm Birth in Twin Gestation Abdallah Adra sIUGR type II: proposed subclassification to guide surgical management      Ramen Chmait
Cerebral blood flow redistribution: which indices? Christoph Lees Universal induction after the Arrive trial: is there a place outside US? William Grobman   Humanism in OB/GYN Surgery Benjamin Schwartz Selective reduction in complicated monochorionic twins:  Radiofrequency ablation vs bipolar umbilical cord coagulation         Roopali Donepudi
Management of late FGR Ignacio Herraiz Cervical ripening and induction of labor in women with a prior cesarean delivery Biancha Masturzo  Demonstration of abnormal fetal cavum septi pellucidi by means of 3D ultrasound Sonila Pashaj Fetal endoscopic tracheal occlusion reduces pulmonary hypertension in severe CDH      Jimmy Espinoza
Up to date on guidelines Tamara Stampalija Role of ultrasound  before labour induction Giuseppe Rizzo COVID-19 and Thrombosis Alexander Makatsariya Primary fetal pleural effusion: shunt or no shunt? Alireza A Shamshirsaz
Discussants: Tamara Stampalija Induction of labor: Women’s choice and perceptions Ilenia Mappa Maternal Nutrition & Fetal Programming:  Fetal Growth Restriction Hung Winn Report of the International Fetoscopic Neural Tube Defect Repair Consortium    Magda Sanz Cortes
  Discussants: Ilenia Mappa Discussants: Frank Chervenak, Ali Sungkar Discussants:  Magda Sanz Cortes
WAPM Council Meeting Perinatal Care-2 First trimester screening programs: Early prediction of later pregnancy complication Fetal Face and Brain
  Preeclampsia and long term outcome  Liliana Voto Screening for stillbirth Ranjit Akolekar Techniques of Evaluating the Fetal Face Ashok Khurana
  Prenatal diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders Oluş Api SGA screening in 1 st trimester Ioannis Papastefanou   Imaging Orofacial Clefts: Established and Recent Concepts Lakshmy Ravi
  Prediction of adverse perinatal outcome in FGR  Simona Vladareanu GDM screening in 1st trimester. MOP trail Argyro Syngelaki CNS Anomalies: The Need for a Multidisciplinary Approach Ratna Puri 
  Antihypertensives in pregnancy: fetal growth and development  Josip Juras Trophoblasts in maternal circulation: enrichment and identification of aneuploidy  Jiri Sonek CNS Anomalies: From Imaging to Genetics Ashok Khurana 
  Discussants:  Oluş Api Discussants: Mar Gil Discussants: Ashok Kurana, Thumallakunta LN Praveen
WAPM General Assembly      
  25 June 2021 Friday
Room-1 Room-2 POSTER PRESENTATIONS Discussant: Murat Yayla POSTER PRESENTATIONS Discussant: Gökhan Göynümer
STATE OF ART  LECTURE Free Registration STATE OF ART  LECTURE Free Registration The 2D ultrasound can evaluate the sub-pubic arch angle in two different hip flexion degrees supine positions   Marco Siccardi -Macrohematuria due to SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnant patient  Vesna Livrinova -The  sub-pubic arch angle correlated to the external pelvic diameters in supine patients shifting leg positions?  Marco Siccardi – Confirming the role of conventional combined biochemical prenatal screening in first..   Elena Gjorgievska Nikolovska Maternal serum Pentraxin-3 levels in gestational diabetes: A comparative study   Burcu Artunç Ülkümen -Pregnancy complicated with serous cystadenoma – case report   Elena Gjorgievska Nikolovska -Difficulties in the nutritional recovery of the newborn with digestive malformations   Timea Brandibur -Comparative study of intrathecal tramadol vs morphine after cesarean section …   Matouk Mohamed
Angiogenic Markers in Twin to Predict Delivery due Preeclampsia  Asma Khalil    Crux of prematurity prevention    Erich Saling, Jürgen Lüthje
Precision medicine in obstetrics  Carl Weiner Retained Products of Conception: Old problem  Ilan Timor-Tritsch
IAN DONALD SCHOOL Fetal Heart Cases Fetal cardiac remodelling     Covid-19 in pregnancy: What is important
Remarkable history of Ian Donald School – how did we start Asim Kurjak A novel approach: One-Touch Technique in Second and Third Trimester   Shengli Li Definition and pathophysiology of cardiac remodelling from fetal to adult life   Fatima Crispi Vaccination in  pregnant women Marta Garcia Sánchez
Donald School lessons on global education Asım Kurjak Prenatal ultrasound diagnosis of conotruncal defects Bowen Zhao Cardiac remodeling in fetuses with CHD Maciej  Slodki Obstetric complications related to    Covid-19 Oscar Martínez Pérez  
Recent results on the scientific projects Panos Antsaklis Ultrasound diagnosis of fetal coronary artery fistula Sheng Zhao Cardiac remodeling in FGR Francesco D’Antonio Delivery of patiens with Covid-19 Pilar Prats Rodríguez
Donald School in Greece – what are for the future? Aris Antsaklis Analysis of special cases of fetal congenital heart malformation Qiuyan Pei Cardiac remodelling in fetuses of diabetic mother Olga Patey    Thromboembolic disease in pregnancy. A ferquently neglected entity  Bernat Serra
Guidelines for education in developing countries Vedran Stafanovic Discussants: Min Chen, Junshu Xie, Xiaowei Xue Cardiac remodeling in fetuses from ART Giuseppe Rizzo Discussants Bernat Serra
Discussants: Asım Kurjak, Larisa Belotserkovtseva   Discussants: Giuseppe Rizzo, Fatima Crispi  
Room-1 Room-2 Room-3 Room-4
Medicolegal issues: Lessons to learn Neonatal Sepsis Hot Topics in Perinatal Medicine Transperineal Ultrasound Evaluation
Medicolegal cases in fetal medicine Asma Khalil     Vaginal infections and preterm labor  George Daskalakis Update in Preimplantation Screening and Genetic Diagnosis Filippo Ubaldi  Transperineal Ultrasound and childbirth related pelvic floor disorders  Rasha Kamel
Neurology cases Gustavo Malinger  Intravenous immunoglobulins in the prevention and treatment of neonatal sepsis   Francesco Raimondi Metabolomics in Prenatal Medicine Giovanni Monni Levator avulsion and mode of birth Khaled Ismail
Missed TAPS cases Enrico Lopriore Early-Onset Neonatal Sepsis Marina Degtyareva Metabolomic Approach in Seminal Fluid and Varicocele Federica Murgia Childbirth-related perineal trauma Jan Willem de Leeuw
Guideline for FGR: Potential for Medicolegal issues Juliana Martin The use of antibiotics in neonates Karel Allegeart Vaccination in Pregnancy Elsa Viora Manual Perineal protection and childbirth Katariina Laine
How to avoid medicolegal cases? Giuseppe Rizzo  The present and future of neonatal sepsis  Kosmas Sarafidis Prenatal Genetic Diagnosed by Exome Sequencing Lorraine Dugoff Discussants: Rasha Kamel
Discussants: Asma Khalil Discussants: Nelly Jekova, Antonia Charitou Discussants: Giovanni Monni  
Fetal cardiac programing Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: maternal haemodynamic indices First trimester neurosonography Intrapartum Fetal heart Monitoring-1
The growth restricted heart Fatima Crispi An integrated model of preeclampsia: A multifaceted syndrome  Simcha Yagel From basic to advanced 1st trimester brain US Nicola Volpe Intrapartum fetal heart rate decelerations – what are they & how are they regulated?     Christopher Lear
The preterm heart Adam Lewandowski  Preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction seen from maternal haemodynamics point of view Enrico Ferrazzi (last minute excuse) From basic to advanced 1st trimester spine US Oliver Kagan Using fetal heart rate patterns to define intrapartum fetal hypoxia     Austin Ugwumadu
The heart conceived by assisted reproductive technologies: prenatal adaptation       Brenda Valenzuela-Alcaraz Maternal hemodynamics before conception: is there space for prevention? Christoph Lees The role of Doppler in the 1st trimester neurosonogram Tullio Ghi Role of data science & development of new approaches to fetal monitoring     Antoniya Georgieva
The heart conceived by assisted reproductive technologies: postnatal consequences       Emrush Rexhaj Maternal hemodynamics: possible new avenues in treating PE and FGR Herbert Valensise (last minute excuse) Cases in 1st trimester neurosonography Waldo Sepulveda Antenatal antecedents of intrapartum hypoxia – role of computerised CTG     Alex Frick
Discussants: Giuseppe Rizzo, Fatima Crispi Maternal cardiac maladaptation and obstetric syndromes Tamara Stampalija Prenatal Genetic Diagnosed by Exome Sequencing Lorraine Dugoff Discussants: Austin Ugwumadu
  Discussants: Tamara Stampalij Discussants:Tullio Ghi, Giuseppe Rizzo  
Advances in LUTO treatment Preeclampsia New Tools-1 Nuchal Translucency and Beyond Intrapartum Fetal heart Monitoring-2
Fetal Cystoscopy for Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction based on Prenatal Staging System     Rodrigo Ruano sFlt-1/PlGF for diagnosis and risk evaluation in preeclampsia – a critical appraisal    Dietmar Schlembah Screening for Chromosomopathies: Ultrasound, cffDNA or both? Oliver Kagan What are the benefits and dangers of oxytocics during labour?       Philipl Steer
Early shunts and ultrasound guided ballooning of fetal urethra       Marzena Debska Thoracic ultrasound for the non-invasive management of preeclamptic patients     Laurent Zieleskiewicz Handling increased NT Nicola Volpe Intrapartum FHR monitoring in the labour complicated by meconium, fever, infection      Austin Ugwumadu
Fetoscopic therapy for low urinary obstruction by congenital megalouretra     Rogelio Cruz Martinez Ocular ultrasonography for diagnosing increased intracranial pressure in severe preeclampsia     Gabriela Bržan Šimenc Sonogenetics in the first trimester Ritsuko Pooh The role of fetal ECG (ST waveform) analysis in intrapartum monitoring     Anneke Kwee
Long-term outcomes of prenatal interventions – perspective of nephrologist and transplant physician  Ryszard Grenda Eextracorporeal treatments of extremely preterm preeclampsia with fetal growth restriction  Jakob Gubensek Screening in twins Petya Chaveeva Medicolegal aspects of intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring     Sabaratnam Arulkumaran
Discussants: Marzena Debska Discussants: Tanja Premru-Sršen, Miha Lučovnik Discussants: Nicola Volpe, Jesus Rodriquez Calvo Discussants: Austin Ugwumadu
Invasive Prenatal Procedures in Multiple Pregnancies New Perspectives in Perinatal Imaging Invasive testing in 2021 Fetal Surgery-3
Obstetrical and Genetic Counselling Antonio Novelli HDlive Silhouette Neurosonography Ritsuko Pooh   Guidelines on invasive procedures for prenatal diagnosis  Tullio Ghi The role of the EXIT procedure Saulo Molina
Training Fellows in Chorionic Villous Sampling Afshar Yalda Three-dimensional neurosonograpy Roee Birnbaum Risk of miscarriage after invasive procedures Mar Gil Fetal Endoscopic Tracheal Intubation Rogelio Cruz
Chorionic Villus Sampling or Amniocentesis? Ambra Iuculano Fetal vascularization-beyond traditional Doppler  Valentina De Robertis Karyotype and beyond Antonio Novelli Open fetal surgery for intrathoracic tumors Anthony Johnson
Doppler In mono and dichorionic Twins Erich Cosmi Micro-computed tomography: a new diagnostic tool in postmortem assessment of the fetal heart   Simona Boito    How to perform invasive procedures – hands on pre-recorded video Robert Brawura Samaha Adverse prognosis factors in TTTS treated with fetoscopic laser therapy  Enrique Gil
How to Manage TTTS in Triplets Nicola Persico Discussants: Valentina De Robertis Discussants: Nicola Volpe, Themistoklis Dagklis Selective intrauterine growth restriction. Placental laser therapy or cord occlusion?   Eduard Gratacos
Discussants: Giovanni Monni     Discussants: Rogelio Cruz, Cihat Sen
First trimester fetal anatomy: Pre-recorded hands-on videos    Fetal Heart Examination and Diagnosis     Neonatal Care  LGA Fetus
First trimester fetal CNS   Nicola Volpe Cardiac examination and malformations Wolfgang Henrich Neonatal Resuscitation in Europe Daniele Trevisanuto   Ultrasound diagnosis   Federico Prefumo
First trimester fetal heart Valentina De Robertis Isomerism Sherif Negm Brain injury in neonates and premature babies Aspazija Sofijanova      Clinical management   Patrick Rozenberg
First trimester fetal anatomy Jader Cruz Tetralogy of Fallot Rasha Kamel Metabolomics between “not enough” and “too much” Vasilios Fanos     Shoulder dystocia   Dimitrios Siassakos
‘The 10 week  Pre- NIPT scan: Live demonstration’ Simon Meagher Three-vessel Trachea view and fetal conotruncal malformations Alfred Abuhamad Exclusive Human Milk Diet (EHMD) for extremely premature infants Roy Philip    Obstetric consequences of a false positive diagnosis   Federico Prefumo
Discussants: Nicola Volpe, Daniel Rolnik Discussants: Rasha Kamel, Gurur Biliciler Denktas Decreasing the risk of ROP in NICU  Esin Koc Discussants: Federico Prefumo
    Discussants: Vasilios Fanos, Esin Koc  
  26 June 2021 Saturday
STATE OF ART  LECTURE Free Registration STATE OF ART  LECTURE Free Registration POSTER PRESENTATIONS Discussant:Halil Gürsoy Pala POSTER PRESENTATIONS Discussant: Şule Göncü Ayhan
Recommending COVID-19 Vaccination for Pregnant Women-An Ethical Imperative       Frank Chervenak    Non-invasive ventilation : why synchronization is better       Corrado Moretti  Obstetrical forceps delivery: is it still a valid option?   Tiago Meneses -The postural changes of the Michaelis sacral area, not the static standing measures,  related to operative delivery   Marco Siccardi -Neonatal seizures – etiologic and long-term prognostic factors  Florina Marinela Doandes -Management of congenital heart defects Aniko Manea A retrospective cohort study of feto-maternal morbidity derived from in vitro fertilization (IVF) gestations compare to spontaneous gestations   Eva Felipe Pardo -Effects of pasteurization on macronutrients’ content of donor human milk   Maria Lithoxopoulou -Perinatal results on attempted vaginal delivery in non-cephalic second twin   Laura Forcén Acebal -Morbidity among non-cephalic second twin: Comparison between programmed ….   LInmaculada MejíaJiménez
STATE OF ART  LECTURE Free Registration STATE OF ART  LECTURE Free Registration
Screening and diagnosis of embryonic and early fetal malformation 6-10 weeks gestation   Simon Meagher Update on infant invasive ventilation Manuel Sanchez Luna
Machine learning in Fetal Medicine FETUS AS AS PATIENT-2 PAS Disorders: What is still debated ? The Fetus in the First Trimester: Updated Guidelines
Understanding the basis of machine learning Patricia Garcia-Canadilla Rare and Challenging Diagnoses in Fetal Medicine Radu Vladareanu Interventions to treat CSP in the late first trimester Ilan Timor-Tritsch NT: to measure or not to measure in today’s  first trimester paradigm?       Katia Bilardo
Machine learning in Fetal Medicine Fàtima Crispi Gynecological Surgical Emergencies During Pregnancy Adi Katz PAS and twin pregnancy: early and late management  Giuseppe Cali Detailed obstetrical ultrasound between 12+0d and 13+6d weeks   Bryann Bromley
Machine learning in the diagnosis of congenital heart disease Anita Moon-Grady Combination of methods to prevent prematurity George Daskalakis PAS disorders: prenatal, surgical and pathological correlate findings  Francesco D’Antonio The fetal heart in first trimester Alfred Abuhamad
The application of super slow review of ultrasound clips to the diagnosis of fetal tachyarrhythmia Jun Yoshimatsu Bloodless OB/GYN Surgery in 2021 William Onyebeke Near miss and unexpected placental invasion: management Josè Palacios Jaraquemada Midsagittal plane of first trimester Reem Abu-Rustum
Discussants: Fàtima Crispi, Patricia Garcia-Canadilla Fetal Growth Restriction: What is old and what is new? Ivica Zalud Discussants: Giuseppe Cali Discussants: Reem Abu-Rustum
  Discussants: Asım Kurjak – Frank Chervenak    
COVID-19 in pregnancy: What is new? FETUS AS AS PATIENT-3 Steroids A Simplified Approach to Congenital Heart Disease
COVID-19: stillbirth and preterm birth Asma Khalil Minimal invasive spina bifida repair Miroslaw Wielgos When is the earliest week to give corticosteroid and why repeated dose is harmful    Themistoklis Dagklis Optimization of Your Cardiac Scanning     Tracy Anton
COVID-19: International registries Guillaume Favre Obesity in Pregnancy – A Global Problem Joachim Dudenhausen Use of Antenatal Steroids in Late Preterms Sven Wellmann    Anomalies of the 4CV    Reem Abu-Rustum
WAPM Survey for COVID-19 in pregnancy: Counselling Francesco D’Antonio Corticosteroids in pregnancy Apostolos Athanasiadis Other Indications of Antenatal Steroids to Improve Infants’ outcome       Nelly Jekova Anomalies at the 3VT         Alfred Abuhamad
COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy Pat O’Brien Vaginal Microbiome in Pregnancy Orion Gliuzheni Prevention of Broncho-pulmonary dysplasia Manuel Sanchez Luna Sjogren’s and the Fetal Heart Bettina Cuneo
Discussants: Asma Khalil Role of ultrasound in preconception counseling Sania Kupesic Discussants: Nelly Jekova Discussant: Alfred Abuhamad, Julene Carvalho
  Discussant: Frank Chervenak    
Artificial Imaging (AI) in obstetric imaging WAPM PRACTICE GUIDELINES for CNS Examination Fetal Anomalies: Diagnostic workup Placenta Accreta Spectrum: Diagnosis and Treatment
The use of AI for 1st trimester screening Giuseppe Rizzo Evaluation of Fetal Central Nervous System during the mid-trimester ultrasound scan  Valentina De Robertis Fetal Cranium and face at 13 wk scan. Many steps forward   Alaa Ebrashy Updates in Ultrasound Diagnosis of PAS Scott Shainker
The use of AI for fetal biometric assessment Lior Drukker Advantages and disadvantages of axial planes  Roee Birnbaum The Evaluation of Skeletal Dysplasias at 11-14 weeks  Ashok Kurana Immediate Cesarean Hysterectomy for PAS Alireza A  Shamshirsaz
The use of AI for anomaly scanning Aris Papageorghiou Why should we assess the fetal brain by mid-sagittal plane?  Cihat Sen First trimester abnormal posterior fossa: associated findings and pregnancy outcomes    Murat Yayla Delayed Hysterectomy for PAS Lisa Zuckerwise
The use of AI for labor ward ultrasound Tullio Ghi Additional planes for the evaluation of fetal CNS  Ilan Timor-Tritsch 3D/4D ultrasound in the detection and evaluation of defects of the fetal spine     Eberhard Merz Anesthesia Considerations for PAS Phil Hess
Discussants: Aris Papageorghiou, Giuseppe Rizzo Discussants:   Valentina De Robertis, Cihat Sen Discussants: Murat Yayla, Alaa Ebrashy Discussants: Alireza A  Shamshirsaz
Ultrasound in labor-3   First trimester scan-1 Perinatal Care-3 Fetal Surgery for neural tube defect
Focus on the first stage of Labor including cervical dilatation Hassan Wassim First trimester: diagnosis of structural defects. Application of AI in prenatal ultrasound diagnosis      Argyro Syngelaki Management of GDM: Metformin use Resul Arısoy Open fetal surgery for open neural tube defects: Updates and current outcomes        Tim Van Mieghen
Focus on  fetal well being  Ally Youssef What not to miss in ultrasound scanning in the first trimester Walter Plasencia Management of recurrent pregnancy loss Aysegul Ozel   Laparotomy-assisted fetoscopic spina bifida repair: Journey to where and how we  are moving forward    Michael Belfort
Focus on malpositions and asynclitism in the second stage of Labor      Karim Kalache First trimester scan and outcome in twin pregnancies Ewelina Litwińska Management of anemia in pregnancy Sule Ayhan   Mini-hysterotomy approach for spina bifida repair in utero   Fabio Peralta
Focus on assessment before operative Vaginal delivery Larry Hinkson Early screening of aneuploidies, what is new? Cell free DNA testing in maternal blood  Mar Gil Thyroid screening in pregnancy? Eftal Avcı    Postnatal outcomes and follow up of infants with open  neural tube defects    Jonathan Castillo
Discussants: Karim Kalache Discussants: Mar Gil, Petya Chaveeva GDM screening – recent approach?   Atalay Ekin Determining fetal candidacy for NTD repair using ultrasound Amy Mehollin-Ray
    Discussants: Ayşegül Özel, Resul Arısoy Discussants: Michael Belfort
First Trimester Central Nervous System   First trimester scan-2 Hot Topics in perinatal Medicine YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED FOR THESE CASES-1
Sectional Analysis of the Normal fetal brain 11-14 weeks Nicola Volpe Role of ultrasound in the era of cf DNA testing Katia Bilardo Safe labor induction; preventing brachial plexus injury  Amos Grunebaum Case-1 Ahmed Nassr
Acrania: Tips trick and Traps Simon Meagher !st Trimester screening and management  for aneuploidies in twin pregnancies Petya Chaveeva Monitorization of dynamic changes in the second stage of labor  Gokhan Goynumer Case-2 Roopali Donepudi
The Fetal cerebral 4th ventricle: ‘a marker of many things’ Simon Meagher Difficult cases in cfDNA testing and ultrasound diagnosis: what to do? Francisca Molina, Walter Plasencia  Ultrasound and external cephalic version Larry Hinkson Case-3 Rapheal Sun
Screening and Diagnosis of Holoprosencephaly: 11-14 weeks gestation  Simon Meagher Genetic diagnosis after invasive testing. Which test, where and when   Javier Suela Sacroiliac dysfunction in pregnancy: Neglected problem Ratko Matijevic Case-4 Eyal Krispin
Encephalocele and Spina Bifida @11-14 weeks – clues to the diagnosis Simon Meagher Discussants:Mar Gil, Petya Chaveeva Discussants:Amos Grunebaum Case-5 Amy Mehollin-Ray
Discussant: Nicola Volpe     Discussants:Alireza A  Shamshirsaz
Perinatal Care-4 Technology in perinatal medicine endeavors work for all POSTER PRESENTATIONS Discussant: Liliana Voto  
Environment and preterm birth   Ana Bianchi Type1 diabetes,pregnancy and insulin pump  Maja Baretic Analysis of ratio sFlT/PlGF in twin pregnancies at 24 weeks gestation as a predictor of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy   Clara Martinez-Saez -Resolving nuchal edema in euploid fetus- Prenatal sonographic clues for Noonan’s Syndrome   Tina Verma -Comparison of maternal and neonatal outcomes in patients with early and late pre-eclampsia   González Alcántara, Liliana Voto – Damage-control surgery for Obstetric hemorrhage: A cse report.   Liliana Voto – Skeletal Dysplasia associated to a likely pathogenic variant in the FGFR3 gene. Case report   Camilo Torres – Trisomy-18 with limb defect-Radial Aplasia Ece Ermin -Characteristics of fetal and placental hemodynamics at gestational age beyond 40 0/7 weeks   Kateryna Shatylovych  
Reoroductive outcome in women with congenital uterine anomalies: A review of six cases   Labaran Aliyu Diabetic Pregnancy management and the Freestyle Libre System Marina Ivanisevic  
Gestational Diabetes and proper management in a basic attention level center    Rodrigo Ayala Croatian Society of Perinatal Medicine: Recommendations for the risk assessment of preeclampsia     Josip Djelmis  
Atypical antibodies and unconjugated hyperbilirubinaemia associated with hemolytic disease   Fatima Usman The preterm premature rupture of fetal membrane Theodor Stefos  
Discussants: Ana Bianchi, Kubilay Ertan Discussants: Marina Ivanisevic, Maja BAretic  
Proposal for the next WCPM and participant suggestions CLOSING REMARKS: Prof. Cihat Sen (The President, WAPM)      

  Unconditional support of



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